Huron Law Group Reviews

Huron Law Group Reviews

Huron Law Group’s debt settlement program is an excellent legal process that can help you eliminate your credit card debt. However, Huron Law Group knows that some consumers get nervous or apprehensive about doing something different and would like to have an idea of previous successful results. They usually begin their search with the BBB or maybe search for complaints or a scam. Instead we offer reviews from just a few of the thousands of clients that Huron Law Group has helped. We know that any business can join the BBB, be called a scam or will have complaints(which we take seriously and handle immediately).

However as a potential client, Huron Law Group feels that our reviews of clients who have completed our debt settlement program speak more to who we are and what we can do, rather than who we are not. Below are a few reviews and results of previous clients who trusted us to handle their debt settlement and now are living without their debt, rather than struggling with it. Entrust Huron Law Group with your debt settlement and your name can be added with the successful reviews below.

Client Amount of Claim Settlement amount Savings Settled in full %
Kevin D. $31,785.00 $16,812.00 $14,973.00 52%
Margaret M. $58,570.00 $20,290.00 $38,280.00 34%
Aurora L. $16,875.00 $5,543.00 $11,332.00 34
Basil A. $20,512.00 $8,821.00 $11,691.00 44
Pete B. $17,691.00 $8,061.00 $9,629.00 46
Helen K. $19,525.00 $6,075.00 $13,450.00 34
Beth J. $17,519.00 $6,178.00 $11,341.00 38
Carolyn F. $21,755.00 $7,289.00 $14,466.00 42
Christina T. $13,450.00 $4,266.00 $9,184.00 32
David H. $19,912.00 $11,000.00 $8,912.00 55
David S. $21,046.00 $7,952.00 $13,094.00 41
Deborah K. $13,579.00 $6,674.00 $6,905.00 44
Erin R. $24,738.00 $9,906.00 $14,832.00 40
Faustina F. $12,182.00 $5,177.00 $7,004.00 41
Frances C. $11,293.00 $4,400.00 $6,893.00 39
Helen K. $10,513.00 $3,625.00 $6,888.00 34
Irmgard P. $36,500.00 $14,679.00 $21,821.00 40
Janetta M. $16,475.00 $6,020.00 $10,454.00 40
Jennifer S. $25,700.00 $8,383.00 $17,307.00 33
Joseph L. $16,918.00 $6,767.00 $10,151.00 39
Kay S. $21,700.00 $9,484.00 $12,202.00 42
Keely V. $32,282.00 $13,099.00 $19,182.00 41
Kelly H. $16,252.00 $6,526.00 $9,725.00 41
Kevin S. $17,116.00 $5,904.00 $11,212.00 37
Lora C. $19,389.00 $8,823.00 $10,566.00 43
Maria O. $9,801.00 $4,036.00 $5,764.00 44
Marilyn W. $13,438.00 $6,910.00 $6,528.00 51
Ronald M. $18,778.00 $8,196.00 $10,581.00 43
Shakila C. $47,081.00 $21,886.00 $25,195.00 44
Tara A. $14,185.00 $5,492.00 $8,692.00 38

“Thank you so much for cleaning up my debt!I could not have done it without your help.” -Meagan S.

“I wanted to let your firm know how much I appreciate everything that Shantell and Steven has done for me, so far. They always answer any questions I have and also follow up with me regarding my case.They have done so much for me and I thought you should know. I would definitely recommend your firm to others.Thank You.”

Nedine J.

“I thank you for your support in my times of trials. It’s been a hard year for me and my Family. But I have my faith in God that he would send good people to help me and sent you and Shari. I appreciate you. I pray for you and your family. Have an awesome Christmas &  a  better new year. “
– Bryant S.

“Thank you .  All i have to say is wow.  You guys are worth every penny.   Thank you so much for all your help.  I will definitely tell people about the help Huron Law Group was for me. “

-Virgina M.

“First of all….. thank you! Your law firm saved my life!!!!!! Shari and Colby were fantastic. It was a little scary in the beginning, but it improved greatly!!! It feels good to know that my debts are PAID OFF……but I’m also aware that I’m still in your program but its well worth it. I have spoken of your law firm and told others are experiencing the same thing (all teachers like myself) but all I can do is give the information……….. Again thank you, thank you it feels good to say MY DEBTS ARE PAID OFF !!!!!!!!!!!”

                                                                      -Donya B.

“My name is Jesus Q , greetings to you all. I write these lines to thank you for the attention that you’ve shown to me. Thanks especially to Karime for having made the decision to enroll me in your plan. It was the best. Thanks for your patience.”

– Jesus Q.”  

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